Saturday, 31 December 2011

End of year, results are in!

...and what a catastrophic failure!!

Looking back now, last post was the 30th of March. Honestly quite disappointed with myself as this would've been a really nice thing to look back on at the end of the year had I kept up with it.

I think my motivation towards the blog was lacking towards April for a number of reasons. Primarily I felt as though much of the time I had been repeating myself. Initial I had hoped to post something completely different each day which, in retrospect was quite a foolish goal. It lead to regular frustrations, trying to think of a new thing to try or a new approach to take, and all the while having other projects going on which where perhaps more important and also in need of fresh ideas and motivation.

Ultimately I had to draw a line, which was more important and in need of all my focus? The tracks and releases I was scheduled to finish, the bits of commission work, the work applications and submissions, or this blog?

A no brainer in all honesty, a real shame I have to admit but a worth while decision. The rest of the year has been a really productive one. A new EP finished and released, numerous pieces of commission work completely successfully, and a huge amount of work done on a new album for early next year! The year has been a turbulent and mentally exhausting time as well, so looking back I actually feel very proud of what I've managed over all, with the exception of this blogs failings.

So, by way of making amends, I've uploaded a sort of end of year present bundle for everyone to share and hopefully enjoy. There is sound packs and sound design things, Reaktor Patches and some bonus images from an AV project Im currently working on for next year.

Here are the links:

Mac (.zip file):

Win (.rar file):

Please help yourselves, and share with all. I hope that you get some enjoyment out of it!

"And what of the blog?" I hear you ask.. well I can say with absolute certainty that the sound a day aspect demands a serious rethink!! However I'm planning to try to make posts still, here and there with no determined regularity. Im just as hooked on making noises as I was at the start of the year, maybe more so. I'll still try to document some of those experiments here for posterities sake if nothing else.

Anyway, waffling... Hope you all had a great Christmas period and best wishes for the new year!!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog because I just searched for my current EP named Noisy Neighbour. Thought it would be rude not to say hi and post a link to it Happy New Year