Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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As I mentioned a while back, I've been getting really into the Arturia V synths recently, ARP2600, Moog modular etc.. They're all very powerful and great sounding synths, and all deserve spending a decent amount of time learning your way around. Last time I got stuck into the ARP2600, so next alphabetically should be the CS80V.

This synth is absolutely class, sounds incredible, cant really put it any other way. But here's the thing I wanted to talk about.

I cannot think of this particular synth without a specific person coming to mind. Just hearing the name, straight away they're in my head, melodies flying through my brain. The person is Vangelis, and coincidentally, it just happened to be his birthday yesterday. So, happy birthday Vangelis, and thanks for all the wonderful music!

What, to me, is one of his most memorable achievements, has to be the music for Blade Runner. Its almost certainly my favourite film ever, and the score is just epic!

So there I was, CS80v loaded up, thoughts of Vangelis and Blade Runner going through my head, ah... why not?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANGELIS by Noisy Neighbour Sound

I'm sure that this is way off from the original, for a start I'm not so hot on the keys, and this is just from memory. But I think it's close enough to be recognisable. Thinking about it now, I remember the original having more strings rather than pads, ah well. But I guess here's my point, finally... Its such a memorable melody, simple and powerful at once. Unfortunately something that cannot be said about most film scores from recent years.

Oh also, one last thing. I read recently that some studio is considering making a sequel to Blade Runner. I think it might be worth considering first what made the original so great. One of the most influential science fiction writers ever (Philip K Dick), one of the most inspiring concept artists ever (Syd Mead), one of the most visionary film producers of the time (Ridley Scott) and one of the greatest modern composers (Vangelis). If whoever is planning this sequel can form such a team of collaborators to work on it, then maybe it is a good idea. Otherwise, PLEASE just don't do it!!! 

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