Friday, 4 March 2011

Sound-A-Day 03.03.2011

A little late uploading the last of this weeks sounds.

Yesterday I was really ill, ate something that disagreed with my stomach a fair bit. The only sound I was capable of making was a techni-coloured yodel which I don't think anyone would want to have heard!

Never the less, I've made a couple nice ones this evening to make up for it.

I suppose my current interest is trying to get some interesting sounds from simple sources, really stretch things to their limit almost. So that got me thinking, what is the most simple source available? Probably a sine wave...

So with that in mind I started playing around with stuff. I built a Reaktor patch based around a simple constant sine wave and assigned the XY of a Korg Nanopad to controlling the pitch across a really wide range. Next I started adding some effects in, there's Stereo pitch modulation, comb filtering, retriggering, time stretch, and bit rate reduction. I assigned one of the pads to each effect macros On/Off, and assigned various effect parameters to the same XY pad as the pitch.

Then just started playing around and seeing what noises I could get out of it. Some really interesting bleeps and whirrs. This is a recording straight inside Reaktor, no additional editing what so ever.

SINE MASHING by Noisy Neighbour Sound

The sound quality is a little shoddy since the effect macros I built are very simple, no smoothing etc, but still some cool sounds and something I think I might have another go at, build the effects a bit better and hopefully improve the quality etc.

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