Monday, 21 March 2011

Sound-A-Day 21.03.2011

Really happy to put this up here.

A while back I was approached to make a remix for a forth coming release on a brand new label. The original is a fantastic track from Hecq and Exillon entitled "Spheres of Fury"

The video has been doing the rounds on the Internet for some time now, but through various issues the release has been delayed quite a bit!

Hecq Vs Exillion - Spheres Of Fury from Tim.Chris.Film on Vimeo.

Finally it's out now, and it is fantastic!

In addition to the original, there are remixes from The Teknoist, Duran Duran Duran, and yours truly!
Ben Hecq has made a little tasty taster mix for you to sample:

Spheres Of Fury Compilation by HECQ

It's available from the Ad Noiseam online store HERE and I'm hoping to have a handful of sweet vinyl goodness very soon! Enjoy!

(btw, sound a day will be back to the normal proceedings tomorrow. I really wanted to share both things, especially the Red Cross fundraiser, and this is my only soap box, so to speak!)

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