Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mid-Week Photos

So the other reason I've been a bit slack with keeping up on the blog, is that Yesterday I had to go into Moorefields Eye Hospital for an appointment. I've had Corneal Transplants in both eyes, one quite a few years ago, the other pretty recently. Was due in to get the stitches removed, and take my word for it, it's a pretty intense procedure, feeling someone picking at microscopic threads on your eyeballs is not at the top of my favourite things ever!

Still, Lucy had the day off too, and so we decided to make a day out of it. Especially wanted to get some pictures around Canary Wharf. It's pretty cool around there, though the security are a bit tetchy about people wandering round with tripods and bags of lenses. Still, we managed to get some pretty cool shots.

Here are some of mine:

And here are some of Lucy's:

It's a really nice place for photography, I didn't find any of the architecture that interesting, the overall impression of the place is quite striking, We're definitely going back there, didn't get nearly enough this time round, and hopefully I'll get my white balance settings a bit better next time.

I have to say, looking at them side to side, just shows me I still have a lot to learn! I think my favourite is the second one of Lucy's, really cool!

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