Monday, 7 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 07.02.2011

Pffff, unbelievably stressed out today!

So following on from Friday, as I mentioned one of my monitors decided it was time to die, and did so. I managed to arrange someone to repair it for me thanks goodness, and bought myself a lovely new pair of headphones to keep me going in the mean time.

Get home and get back into a couple projects I've been working on. Just getting into it when wooop, PC crashes.. ah bugger. No worries, saved not so long ago, can redo the things Ive just done. Restart, reload project, 5 minutes later booof, down she goes again. Repeat this process for the entire duration of yesterday and today.

Trying to make anything in 5 minute stints is pretty much impossible, it's driving me round the bend, not to mention the sheer amount Ive got on at the moment. So much work I need to be doing! STRESSSSssss..

Well, I'm certain that a complete back up and reformat/reinstall is on the cards for tomorrow, that'll be fun!

Anyway, not wanting to be a sore bod all day, I've still managed to get something together for sharing which feels somewhat appropriate.

It's a short little fun track I made a using more or less no computer at all, only running a couple sequences. All sound sources are analogue, and with the exception of the compression, all processing is external too.

Since a few people who check this blog are folks from, I thought I'd put something together especially for them, something with more than a little Aphex influence...

ZEBRA-CUSTARD by Noisy Neighbour Sound

Well, hope you enjoy it. In all honesty it is really fun to have a break from a computer and make music on outboard kit, I hope to be back on the DSP tomorrow, wish me luck!

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  1. HI Dave. Would you believe I discovered this blog through the japanese yahoo doing a search for foreign reaktor patches? I searched forever on normal search and did not see this blog!

    I tried and tried and was unable to download the vidseq patch from file factory. That website seems a little screwed up, can you reup or find another host? I really would like to try it, and any other patch's you have to share :) You work looks cool and your sound examples are awesome.
    I give you my email address if you want to talk about it more and maybe I have something to share with you also.