Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 15.02.2011

Wow, what a tiring day!
Been working really hard on a couple things since I got up, and my ears are warn out! But I feel quite accomplished. Made a lot of progress in a track I'm currently midway through and made a lot of headway in debugging another Reaktor patch I'm planning to put up here.

It started out as an idea a friend and I had for a grid style sequenced synth, for fast live improvisation. Similar to a monome interface, and a TB303 in tone. It works out really well, but I decided to ramp it up a couple notches. Have built in some resonant MS20 style filters, and some very gnarly FM too. Just been busy today working on control lanes for all the parameters. I did start this patch a while ago, but ran into some issues I just couldn't get my head around. Sometimes a bit of a break can really help, made a lot of progress today.

The interface is still a little bland perhaps, but here are some pics of it so far,

View A:

View B:

It's pretty nifty so far, a lot of fun to use and surprisingly versatile. The pics don't give away too much, so here's a little loop from it.

GRID-LOOP-1 by Noisy Neighbour Sound

It can sound far more straight up, and less twangy/bendy/weird, but I like the idea of having the possibilities to really mess with the sound contained within the instrument itself. Far easier to navigate. Anyway, should be up and downloadable in a day or so! 


  1. lol..i still can't get my head around the interface ha.

    it's a great patch though.