Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 17.02.2011

Oh well, it happened again. I heard the birds singing outside my windows, realised it's nearly morning and I still haven't uploaded a sound!

Spent most of the day today making some patches in Massive. It's an incredibly powerful synth, and absolutely great sound. You can get pretty good analogue-ish sounds, and even pretty decent string modelling out of it. But really it excels in making super clean digital goodness.

Probably my favourite thing about it is the performer modulation channels. With all the different curves you can choose from, its possible to get some really complex sequences going. There are a couple things that niggle me about it, especially concerning the LFO's and envelopes, but really it sounds mega!

Here's a little looper I made earlier today. It's just a stand alone patch, recorded straight out of the box. The screen shot above should give a pretty good idea of whats going on, better than my usual terrible explanations anyway!

MASSIVE COMB LOOP by Noisy Neighbour Sound

I'm in the middle of making some large sound banks, including some for Massive. I'll be sure to put em up online when they're done for anyone who is interested.


  1. i really like vember audio's surge for this kinda of digital flex.

  2. Your explanations aren't THAT bad.