Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 21.02.2011

Well, I think in all fairness I've been really lucky so far. Without a doubt, my home Internet connection is the worst service I have ever encountered. Connection is intermittent to put it mildly.

Last night was one of those days when connection doesn't stay up for even a minute. Will upload the sound from yesterday today.

So continuing with where I was at last week, making sounds with NI Massive, here's another nice one I thought I would share.

It's still a relatively complex patch but quite different from the previous one. It's using the performer channels to move through wave table positions which creates the chord sequence. Another performer channel controlling the filter cutoff which creates some nice movement in the filter. The noise generator is also running through the filter and gives a little bit of dustiness to the overall timbre.

FOND MEMORY by Noisy Neighbour Sound

The reason I like this one is a bit different from usual I guess. As I said, it's not an especially complex patch or some esoteric production method. But to me it sounds really evocative, although of what I'm not quite sure! I love those moments when you find a synth patch or odd little sound that has enough character that a track almost writes itself around it. I really like when that happens, it's like being a producer and a musician all at once!

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  1. i really like the last paragraph..it really sums up how i feel a lot of the time when i'm writing music as i do sound design.