Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 24.02.2011

Ok, here's another sound along the same ideas as the previous one. But very different sounding still, same mood though I think.

This one, to be honest, started out as a bit of messing about with Carbon 2. Just making some classic snarly bass sounds. Was playing with the Band reject filter cutoff and found this sort of sweet spot where the synth just let out this awesome growl type of sound. Not especially musical, but really cool effect.

I recorded the output, and opened it up in Soundforge. Did a bit of EQ to hopefully accent the growl a bit more. Next I put that into Absynth, in one of the granular channels. Made an envelope for controlling the Grain Speed and size, a bit of pitch modulation and a bit of amplitude modulation.

That's more or less it, nothing too fancy I guess, but I really like the result!

DIGI-GROWL by Noisy Neighbour Sound

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