Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 01.02.2011

So, the first sound of February! Have to say, I'm pretty pleased with myself for keeping this up, loads of sounds uploaded and at least 25% or so are half decent =D

Today I had something very particular in mind for what I wanted to make. Something nice and robotic (well THERE'S a surprise!). I'm really into the sound of circuit bent stuff, especially things like speak n spells and other voice toys. But the thing that puts me off that type of thing is the lack of control, it's all a bit random and hap hazard which isn't really my thing. So as well as making a nice robotic voice, I wanted a way of making it sound similar to a circuit bent device, but also with the ability to control the "bent-ness" so to speak.

BUSTED-BOT by Noisy Neighbour Sound

The robot voice started out using the Fruity Voice generator in Fruity Loops. Set it to monotone for extra mechanical effect. Once I rendered the sample, it was loaded into Sound Forge for a bit of tweaking. There's some bit rate reduction, and pretty hard compression to make sure there is no emphasis what so ever, as mechanical as possible. A bit of fine tuning and it was pretty much there. Next I built a pretty neat little patch in Reaktor based around the resynth sampler module, and an XY panel to control it. I assigned the Y value to control pitch, and the X value is controlling the sample start point. Loop point and speed are set so that moving through the X scale allows for rapid scrubbing through the sample play position.

Really fun way of doing this type of effect, great for allowing a degree of performance. I tried it out with a few different voice recordings, and you can get results VERY similar to the voice of WALL E.

Anyways, I'll upload the patch too for people to have a play with, just want to refine it a touch first.

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