Monday, 31 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 31.01.2011

Wow, a month in already! that's pretty good going even if I do say so myself! I hope the few people visiting here are getting some enjoyment from the stuff I'm putting up here. I had an idea that I think could be a bit of fun. At the end of the year I'll make a little poll and ask visitors to vote for their favorite 10 or so sounds. Then I'll make a track out of them. I also think I'll try and compile them all into a nice sample pack for downloading too, in wonderful 24 bit WAV!

So today I thought it might be fun to try and confront a fear of mine! I hate water, or rather I hate being underneath it. I am not a strong swimmer and get incredibly disorientated when I'm underwater. I especially hate the effect it has on my hearing. That's not to say that I don't like the sound, just that I don't enjoy the experience. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to try and make a sound that had a similar tonal quality to what I hear when I submerge my ears.

SUB-AQUA by Noisy Neighbour Sound

This sound started off as an experiment using the wonderful Crusher X program. For anyone who hasnt tried this one out yet, I highly recomend it! Amazing sound design possibilities. I recorded the output and loaded it into Absynth to further mangle it about a bit, and finally a small amount of processing inside Sound Forge.

I think I did pretty well in achieving the disorientating effect I was after. The sound makes me thing of some weird underwater alien world. 

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