Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 18.01.2011

YAWN!!  Ugh, really sleepy today, warn out from a long days work, and starting to feel pretty under the weather, bit of flu I think..Ah well, mustn't grumble, time to upload a new sound!

Keeping with the theme of loops, here is another one. Going against all conventional methods and so on and so forth. This one was made in the unusual way of sequencing beats in something called a "sequencer" and then layering additional sounds from these things called "synths" cool eh?

Well, as much as I like to experiment with unusual methods, sometimes the best methods are the conventional ones. The drum sounds are from various different previous experiments, all loaded into Battery and sequenced in the normal manner. The bass sound is a patch made using the "Oki Computer 2" synth in NI Reaktor (one of my absolute favourites, give it a whirl) the side chained ambient noise is another of the sounds I made using the sheet of glass..

MINIMAL-GLITCH by Noisy Neighbour Sound

With this loop, I was mainly concerned with trying to portray a sense of hi tech sheen, glossy coolness and minimal elegance. I like the idea of a room of ultra modern cyborgs dancing very robotic with lasers reflecting off their super shiny frames.

Watched Tron 2 recently, so maybe that's a bit of influence. Disappointing film IMO, but great visuals. I must say as well, I was let down by the Daft Punk soundtrack too. But to be fair, they did have a lot to live up to, considering who did the music for the original!

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