Friday, 28 January 2011

Reaktor Patch: VidSeq


Really excited to start sharing some of my Reaktor patches finally. I hope to upload all types of different things, some will be pretty full on synths and live patches, others smaller toys, designed only to be a bit of fun.

This one is probably a bit more in the second category. It's a granular sample based beat machine, but with a difference! More recently, I've become really interested with the idea of combining video and audio, and I'm really excited to explore the various ways the two things can be integrated.

Panel A

Panel B

This patch began as an experiment to see how well Reaktor can manage video playback, and ways that the 2 elements can work together. The idea is that sequencing and granular parameters have a direct influence on the video playback as well as audio. Reaktor is certainly not designed to do anything video related, so it took a bit of experimenting to get this working, but I'm really pleased with the result.

You can download the patch HERE, be warned though, due to all the image files it a pretty large file (+200mb!)

I've left the interface pretty simple, I thought it would be more fun to leave things unlabeled so that the user felt more inclined to just try things out and see what happens. There aren't so many parameters, so it should be fairly straight forward. I plan to upload some instructions on making your own video content for this patch, as well as audio, and would be interested to see what other people try out!

Hope you all enjoy it, and as I plan to develop this into something much more powerful, any suggestions and feedback are genuinely appreciated.

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  1. Really cool ensemble, but is it possible to enlarge the video for VJing ? could we access to the images folder to add new frames ?