Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 25.01.2011

WOW!! Well, what can I say.. I'm terrible and I'm really sorry!

In my defense however, I've actually been really poorly the last few days. Dragging myself to work each evening taken it out of me, and I just needed to crash each night. Feeling much better now though, you'll be pleased to know.

So, it appears I have some catching up to do, no worries, I have some sounds ready for you're eager ears!

This one is another Monotron noise, again using the SH101 as an input into the filter. This time I recorded the sound into sound forge and added some further editing. Thanks to a Doppler plugin, the result came out as a kinda old school sci fi space ship whizzing by. I like it!!

Fly by by Noisy Neighbour Sound

Really made me think a lot about the really old approaches to sound design, before computers and digital processing. I'm in the mood for trying some tape loop experiments now, haven't done that for years! Just need to track down my old tape machine......

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  1. hey...those kinds of sounds (sci fi space ship whizzing by) where made with self-oscillating tape delays for sure..back in the day.