Friday, 7 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 06.01.2011


Fell asleep last night when I returned home from work, normally the time I upload something here. So this one is to make up for last night, and I'll put another one up this evening.

Today's sound is a very unusual one, there is a whole lot of different processing going on, more than is really worth listing! Suffice to say there is a bit of Absynth, a touch of Reaktor, a smidge of field recording, all mixed up in Soundforge with a spoon made from Waves plug ins.

Intergalatic-Transmit by Noisy Neighbour Sound

REALLY like this one, was trying to make some type of alien scrambled transmission. Something that sounded like a message beamed across the cosmos in some weird language, and distorted by traveling through space.

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