Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 20.01.2011

Wow, pretty late/early uploading this one today, and I'm sure all the thousands of people checking this blog have been waiting on tender hooks, refreshing the page every few seconds. Well, sorry for the delay, here is a new sound!

So this one started out as something from a long time ago. I was working on my live patch in Reaktor, and trying to build a scratch control using a Kaoss Pad. The idea was that touching the XY would make the track slow down, like proper vinyl, and then scratching on the XY would scan through a buffer. It took a lot of work to get working well, a real headache. Finally got it all working, only to discover that I absolutely suck at scratching... ah well.

Still, I opened up the patch recently and turned it into a type of live vinyl effect patch, midi triggered slow downs, reverses etc, so all is not lost! This loop was made by first building a basic loop out of a bunch of glitchy drum sounds, and then automating a few parameters of the "scratch patch"

NICE-LIMP by Noisy Neighbour Sound

I think it has a cool kinda feeling to it. Really limps in a wonky but fun way. It's quite interesting the effect that messing with timing can create move of a groove or drag to something. This loop always feels like one half is dragging the other half a long. Quite a fun effect!

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