Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 04.01.2011

Something a bit different this time around. While yesterdays post was a bit of experimenting with some really new things, today's is more about appreciating the old. I personally don't buy into the Analogue Vs Digital argument. Both can sound great in my opinion, and both play an important part in modern electronic music.

One thing that old analogue synths are great for, is making very simple patches sound incredibly full and warm. I imagine it's because of the slight modulations in pitch and amplitude that such circuitry causes. Regardless, for pad sounds especially, it can sound awesome!

This is a short looping pad made using a very old Korg PE1000. Since it has no Midi connections, I created a multi sample patch inside Reaktor. I decided not to attempt to recreate the filter, since the filter on the PE1000 is pretty unique and would've been hard to emulate. The only thing I did add was a small Macro to allow for scaling note input. This means you can control the amount of "detune" from subtle fullness to atonality.

The multi sample instrument was then ran through 2 separate effect chains. One with a reverb setting, and the other with a very slight frequency shift and delay.

Drifting-Pad by Noisy Neighbour Sound

I really like this pad, It has a nice simplicity to it, but the slight variations in the tone make it involving too. One of my favourite albums is "Selected Ambient Works" by Aphex Twin. Its full of great warm pads, and I hoped to capture something similar. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

(Image credit: Veerle Pirson)

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