Monday, 3 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 03.01.2011

Bought myself Reactable for IPad as my Christmas present this year. Spent the last few days playing about with it. Really mixed feelings with it to be honest. Its a really great interface, really fun to use, and sound results are surprisingly good.

Unfortunately it does feel very limited. There are only so many modules you can place in a table, which makes creating complex synth patches more or less impossible. My other gripe is that it feels far more tailored for playing about with loaded loops, rather than creating them. Everything is monophonic as well which is a real shame, and it's especially noticeable when building drum parts. You cant have a kick and hat on the same beat for example.

All in all though, it's great fun to use, and for only a fiver.

Here's a recording of a little patch I made earlier today. Pretty cool sounds for an App!

Reactable-Scramble by Noisy Neighbour Sound

It's certainly a fun way to come out with some nice sounds, despite being very limited. I'm back to work tomorrow, but Ill take the IPad with me and make some bleeps and whirs during my lunch break!

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