Friday, 14 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 14.01.2011

Phew, What a heavy week! Had some really tough days at work, and my brain has been close to melting point from fussing over the routing in this Reaktor Patch I'm busy with ATM.

Still, always nice to have a good constructive week. Will enjoy relaxing a bit over the weekend, hopefully get some photography done on Sunday, and maybe even work on some tracks!

Here's one last Module sound, going for a classic analogue-ish sounding modulation freak out. Wicked sounding, I really enjoy making sounds with this thing.

Module-Working by Noisy Neighbour Sound

Sounds like some sort of industrial bot doing its business. Pretty nice sound!

I'm going to take a bit of a breather from this synth for a while now. It's great fun, but for the time being I want to re asses the approach to getting the routing working better, it can get a touch confusing at times, and that's really something I like to avoid with interfaces.

No worries though, I have another thing underway which is going to get a bit more attention, more about that next week. Suffice as to say, I am WELL excited with this, it's gonna be mega!

Hopefully a new theme next week as well, I'm thinking loops.. more bang for ya buck 

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