Monday, 10 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 10.01.2011

So I decided I'm gonna take weekend breathers from the blog. Partly because, since I work full time, I like to take weekends to get really buried into the other projects I'm working on. Also, I should really get out occasionally too, else I suspect Ill start to go translucent!

I did spend some of the weekend getting very deep into a new Reaktor synth I've busy with called "Module". It's an attempt at building something semi modular in the ARP 2600/Cwejman S1 vein. I spent a long time working on the oscillators and filters especially, not to mention getting all the routing options all working properly. It'll be a long project to get it working perfect, but it's sounding pretty cool so far.

Thought this week I'd post up some sounds I got out of it so far. Here's the first.

Module-Droid Fail by Noisy Neighbour Sound

Really excited to get this all properly working, so many modulation options makes it possible to get all number of cool sounds. Have found it good for Drum sounds too, so expect more of those this week. Of course, once It's stable, I'll put it up on here for downloading.

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