Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sound-A-Day 13.01.2011

Another day, another sound! Again, this one is something I made using this new synth I've been busy with.

Managed to get a new little feature working, and this was a little test sound. One of the thing that really attracts me to modular synths is the ability to route pretty much anything to anything. Makes creating weird modulation combos really possible. I've started trying to implement that kind of functionality into my patch. Its a bit fiddly at times, but getting there.

Module-Trigger Sweep by Noisy Neighbour Sound

This sound is made by using an LFO to act as the gate input for the envelope generator. The envelope generator is then controlling the amplitude of one of the oscillators. There is also another Envelope generator controlling the Frequency of the LFO. This second Envelope is triggered by Midi input...

Hmm, maybe a diagram would be better! (on a side note, I know I should make more "visual" input for this blog, am on it!)

Anyway, just another little noise from today. Most of these sounds will get saved as Presets for this patch, so when I finally get it all working properly, it'll be downloadable, and my terrible explanations will have something to be compared to!

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