Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sound-A-Day 22.02.2011

After scrolling back through posts, having a look at all the sounds I've uploaded so far, I realised that thinks have been getting a bit too music-y and less sound effect-y.

So in an effort to establish a more even balance, here is a big fat atonal sound!

I was trying to make an effect similar to what you might here when a spaceship generator fails and shuts down. I wanted to not only create the general impression of something powerful shutting down, but also try and include the sound of all the nano-circuits and discrete functions that would make up a large piece of equipment. Maybe adding a bit more character to the sound.

SHUT DOWN by Noisy Neighbour Sound

The sound started off as a patch in the Carbon 2 Reaktor instrument. I recorded a couple different versions with different filter settings to try and accent different aspects of the output. These got merged together in Soundforge where I applied a bit more processing and EQ to try and add the futuristic gloss you might expect from such a sound.

I have still to add a bit of reverb in order to give the sound a context so to speak, but I am undecided as to what that should be. Maybe all over the ship (like it is in Star Trek) or more localised, for example in the "engine room"

Still, I am happy with this one so far, came out more or less as I had in my mind, and that's always a satisfying feeling.

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